Video Link Appointments

There are some questions that I’m often asked so I’ve put these below. If you have any other questions though, please do not hesitate to email.

What are video-link appointments?

Video-link consultations are very similar to face-to-face appointments and, once settled in, can feel very much the same. However, rather than me being there in the room, we both use a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet to have the appointment.

What video platform do you use?

Appointments happen over a secure, encrypted platform that has been approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The platforms I generally use are FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom.

Are the calls private?

All consultations are made over a secure, encrypted platform. For additional security I also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In relation to Zoom, I also utilise the Waiting Room function, meaning anyone who wishes to enter the call, needs to be accepted by me.

What if there are connection issues?

Fortunately, I’ve found this to be very rare. However, if there are connection issues then sessions will be extended to ensure you have the full therapeutic time. When there are problems, I’ve found that simply moving to another video platform (for example, moving from Zoom to WhatsApp) is effective.

I’m really not confident with technology – can you help?

I’m very happy to give you a telephone call prior to appointments to help set you up online consultations. I can talk you through the steps to use Zoom, or the other platforms.

I’m still not sure, can I try it out?  

Yes! Using video link can seem strange when you are not practised at using it. I am happy to offer you a free 15 minute video consultation to help you decide if it is a format of therapy you would like to use.